The Secret that Makes Millionaires

Pardon me for being blunt, but do you have or have you made a million dollars yet? According to the World Wealth Report, it’s not that difficult a goal: there [...]

The Power of Personal Branding

“You either create a brand that is distinct……or you become extinct”. Tom Peters, In Search of Excellence. Guest Article, by Shannon Smith According to a UCLA study, 85% of all [...]

The Difference Between Networking and Selling

Having a good network is a vital resource for any business person. For many people networking is their primary source of business. Yet most people get very little benefit from [...]

The Critical Skill

The ability, the desire, and the patience to listen are necessary if you want to achieve greatness in sales. Unfortunately, most sales people tend to talk more than they listen. [...]

The 7 “Musts” of Marketing

One of the things that interests me about human nature is we assume that somewhere out there is the silver bullet; the one idea that if we find it, will [...]

Successfully Recruiting Top Sales People

Do you sometimes feel that you are getting questionable advice when you speak to marketing consultants? The challenge is usually quite simple. You have a good service, your customers love [...]

Risk Reversal

Bringing in new customers is expensive and often difficult. Here is one effective but frequently overlooked way to reduce the difficulty. Businesses, even the most customer oriented ones, tend to [...]