At Business Pros Marketing we understand that in addition to having us build out your advanced lead Capture and conversion system, You may also want to advance your knowledge of digital marketing by taking one of our highly popular courses.

We’ve been in the training business since 2007 and our training methodology and information is second to none in Canada. The context of our training comes down to a combination of engaging communication and hands-on training. You’ll never get bored in our courses.

Here Are 4 Simple Steps To Moving The Needle On Your Training Needs

Step 1: Choose your Training

Step 2: Choose the way you want to participate in the training. You can choose either live training at our training studios in Toronto or you can attend any of our courses from the comfort of your office or home via HD Livestream. You can also take our online video training or opt for one-on-one coaching.

Step 3: Find out if you qualify for any Training Grants

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Some Of Our More Popular Training Courses

  • Digital Security & Security Awareness Certification
  • Digital Marketing Officer Certification
  • Digital Marketing & Sales Certification
  • Adwords & Facebook Marketing Mastery Certification
  • Marketing and Mastery Certification
  • Online Profit Secrets (Infusionsoft Training)
  • Dynamic Digital Marketing Certification (Build Sites that Attract and Convert)
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Digital Marketing & Sales Certification

You Will Learn:

SEO – UXO – How to design landing pages that have high conversions – How to use heatmaps – Set UP automation – Build automation campaigns – Set up Adwords advertising campaigns at low cost per click – Set up Facebook re-targeting campaigns – Hypnotic copywriting – Use video sales letters – Review real-time advertising campaigns – learn from current digital marketing strategies that have been implemented.


  •  Marketing & Mastery (2 Days + Lifecycle Marketing Bonus)

  • Online Profit Secrets (2 Days + 1 Day Lab Bonus)

  • Adwords and Facebook Marketing Mastery (2 Days)

  • Dynamic Digital Marketing (3 Days)

  • Priced Individually, these Certifications would equal 16K. Bundled, the Digital Marketing and Sales Certification is 10K. Ask us about the Canada Job Grant which could refund you up to 83.3% of your training investment.

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Adwords & Facebook Mastery Certification

You Will Learn:

  • How to determine your customer acquisition costs and stay within budget.

  • How to set up targeted campaigns.

  • A/B testing different landing pages.

  • Watch heatmaps to increase conversions.

  • Use Facebook re-marketing to get most value out of your PPC dollar.

  • How to dramatically reduce your cost per click.

  • Never waste money again!

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Marketing & Mastery Certification

You Will Learn:

  • Beginners guide to digital marketing.

  • Big picture overview of Keyword Research, SEO, SEM

  • Facebook marketing, lifecycle marketing

  • Creating landing zones

  • Conversion strategies

  • Benefits of automation and much more.

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Online Profit Secrets – Infusionsoft Training

You Will Learn:

How to set up an executive dashboard – Use sales pipeline – The right way to build high converting campaigns – A methodology for tagging – How to integrate AppointmentCore – How to integrate into WordPress – How to set up beautiful custom opt-in forms for higher conversions – CASL compliance- Plus much much more!

 *Most popular course*

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Dynamic Digital Marketing Certification

You Will Learn:

Design websites that convert! Learn all the juicy secrets of high conversion and high engagement. Take a deeper dive into UXO. Find out how to use Video Sales Letters. Learn more about back-linking, how to leverage followers on social media and drip more leads into your sales bucket.  Half a day is dedicated to Hypnotic Copywriting and conversion. Half a day on Video Sales Letters. Your website could be a sales machine. If you are technically inclined, this course may be for you!

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Digital Security Awareness Certification

You Will Cover:

  • Information security policies

  • Data classification and control

  • Clean desk policy

  • Password guidelines

  • Internet usage

  • Communications security (E-mail, Phone, Social media)

  • Information disposal and archival

  • Social engineering and phishing

  • Incident reporting

  • Compliance

  • Post-employment security measures

What You Will Learn


Implement a security program with a clear protocol so that its end users are proactive and vigilant. In our digital eco-system, a security progam is an integral part of organizational culture, where each member can help protect the company’s assets. Using both a proactive and defensive approach, we’ll give you the right tools to protect and design your security controls, as well as plan, prevent and mitigate the loss of your assets and data. Learn to prevent, counter, and mitigate insider threats, proprietary information leakage, information security breaches, competitor infiltration, and business espionage.

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Digital Marketing Officer Certification

You Will Learn:

The DMO’s Ultimate Playbook.  As a digital marketing officer, you will not only learn to promote your employer’s products, services or ideas online, you’ll learn how to scout for the best talent, plan a digital marketing strategy and hold each team member accountable in real-time. You’ll learn how to keep an executive dashboard to give you real time numbers and monitor your efforts closely.  At all times you will know how many leads dripped into your sales pipeline, how many converted, what is moving towards fulfillment, and what your engagement is with your brand. We’ll also include policies around Digital Marketing Security Protocols and CASL compliance.

 You will learn to market your products across different channels such as websites and social media.  You will be trained on how these channels can interact with traditional marketing such as direct mail or radio and how you can improve traction. You will also learn how to use digital automation to increase leads and sales.  You will learn how to acquire the kind of reporting you should be asking for, how to budget and plan for customer acquisition through digital means, and plan for skills to make sure your digital advertising campaigns are successful.

CMO’s that take this course, also often choose this one as well: Digital Security Awareness Certification

What Are DMO’s?


DMO’s are involved in developing a company’s multi-channel communication and digital strategies. Key Areas include Web Development, SEO, PCC, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Nurture, Lead Management, Video Marketing and all assets that may live in the company’s digital eco-system.  If you love working with digital technology and are interested in using your marketing knowledge to lead a team of digital talent, this is for you.

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