At one time it was common practice to send hand written thank you notes for almost everything. It was simply considered good manners. Sadly this has died out over the years, to the point where it is relatively rare to receive a hand written thank you note.

If you want to leave a lasting impression start sending them on a regular basis. The easiest thing to do is have some postcards produced with a relevant message on them. Carry them with you along with some stamps. Whenever you get the opportunity after someone has done something that deserves thanks, quickly write a postcard with a hand written personal note and put it in the mail.

This simple strategy will create immediate impact. People will remember you, they will be positively disposed to you and they will recommend you to others. Not a bad return for less than a dollar.

So when should you send a thank you note?

  • After a sales presentation or demo.

  • After a purchase.

  • After a prospect has spent time with you, even if the answer is no.

  • After you have been give a referral.

  • After someone does you a favour. This particularly effective for receptionists, secretaries and assistants.

  • After exceptional service.

Make it a habit you won’t be sorry.