Most people know they would be better off if they were a little fitter, ate better and lost a few pounds, however we are in the midst of an epidemic of excess weight and poor diet.

Who knows, some of us might even live a little longer!

Why is it, if people already know they need to eat less, eat better quality food and exercise, they don’t go ahead and do it? Or go ahead and sign up to a gym or a weight loss program?

The answer is quite simple, we humans are complex organisms and our minds allow us to rationalize all manner of beliefs. The bottom line is we buy what we want, not what we need.

Understanding what your market wants rather than what they need can spell the difference between success and failure in your business.

You see if you know what they want, you can become indispensable. When you are indispensable, you are always in demand. When you are indispensable, price becomes less of an issue and as a result, your income goes up.

The problem is most people are far from indispensable. In fact they even describe themselves in very generic ways, saying things like:

  • I’m an attorney

  • I’m a financial advisor

  • I’m a consultant

  • I’m a coach

  • I’m an IT guy

When you describe yourself this way, you immediately tell your listener that you are not indispensable and in fact are completely replaceable by anyone else who describes themselves in a similar way. As a result customers focus on the one difference they understand, – Price!

They are not to blame, who wouldn’t look for the least expensive option, when faced with several similar choices?

To be indispensable and to command premium prices requires you to be an expert at something, preferably something that other people don’t know, but for which people will pay.

I don’t know about you, but I would be prepared to pay far more for someone who could ensure that I pay minimal taxes than I would for a “plain old” accountant.

Here are 5 steps Louisa Nedkov took to becoming an indispensable expert:

  • Start with your passion. What is it that you love to do?
    * Louisa loved working with people on their health, fitness and nutrition, however this was a crowded place with hundreds, if not thousands of competitors

  • Decide in what area of this passion you want to develop as an expert?
    * Louisa decided that energy and its impact on people was where she wanted to focus her efforts.

  • Within this general area identify a niche where you are not facing too much competition.
    * She decided to position herself as the energy coach. There were far competitors in this section of the market.

  • Find a segment of the market you can own.
    * Louisa discovered that lawyers were very good prospects and began to focus her efforts on this area of the market, where she has no competition.

  • Dominate your niche.
    * This may take Louisa some time but she is building her reputation, with speaking engagement, articles and seminars. Soon she’ll build on that with PR and a book.

It may take time to become indispensable but with focus and effort anyone can do it. It takes discipline and a step by step process.