Below you will find an archive of our increased frequency of transaction marketing tips, or you can view our latest Business Pros Marketer Tips.

  • Do You Remember The Great Vision You Had When You Started Your Business?
    At this time of the year, when we are making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals, it is useful to look back at that great vision and reflect. Not from a glass half-empty perspective, that serves no one. But from a perspective that says “Whatever I can conceive, I can achieve!”
  • Ensure Your Product Or Service is a Winner in the Market
    A simple fact of life; everybody is in competition with everybody else. This means unless you are better than your competition or at least equal to them you are in a dangerous position and you should probably get out of the business.
  • From POTS To VOIP: StreetSmart Marketers Have A Powerful New Weapon
    If you have not heard about VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol recently you must be living in a cave. Right now the Telco’s and cable companies are battling it out with the CRTC over who can do what, and to whom with VOIP. The news has been full of it.
  • How Often Should You Repeat a Mailing?
    Here are some specific results that illustrate the impact of multiple impressions of the same advertisement to a single list.
  • How To Recession Proof Your Business
    With the USA in an economic recession, Canadians will feel the squeeze as well. You will need to market harder and wiser in order to stay on top.
  • Insider Secrets on Big Ticket Selling
    Subscribe to Graham MacGregor’s “The Big Ticket Selling Report” and receive strategies and techniques that produce remarkable big ticket sales ideas to rapidly increase your big ticket sales.
  • Positive Thoughts And Actions
    Despite my many protestations about the weather in Canada, the weather seems to make this time of the year special. So much so, that the Christmas season without snow somehow seems incomplete. So let it snow!
  • Putting Your Guarantee Where Your Money Is
    The following article appeared in the Globe and Mail on 17/03/05. It covers a topic we have addressed before, but it remains valid and powerful if you act on it. Timothy Eaton had it right 120 years ago. His slogan – “Goods satisfactory of money refunded” revolutionized Canadian business.
  • The “7” Musts Of Marketing
    Marketing works if you do it consistently. It takes effort to do this but it’s definitely not a one time thing. There are 7 things that need to be in place for marketing to really produce results.
  • The Power Of The Human Mind
    The key in marketing communications is conveying your message as simply and as clearly as possible. I believe we need to invest more time in making sure our message is clear.
  • The Secret That Makes Millionaires
    What is the difference between you and a millionaire, not much more than a few simple skills that are easy to put into action.