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  • 10 Role Playing Tips to Increase Sa1es Success
    Guest article by Nicki Weiss, build your confidence and become a more successful sales person using these 10 role playing tips.
  • A Quick Source Of New Revenue
    When you think of growing your business or of increasing your profits, do you immediately think of finding new clients. If so you are not alone. Obviously if you are a start-up, bringing in new clients is likely to be a preoccupation for you. However, Street Smart Marketers know that bringing in new customers is a most time consuming and expensive way for any organization to increase their profits.  They look for ways to grow without spending gobs of money on expensive marketing campaigns.
  • Do You Remember The Great Vision You Had When You Started Your Business?
    At this time of the year, when we are making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals, it is useful to look back at that great vision and reflect. Not from a glass half-empty perspective, that serves no one. But from a perspective that says “Whatever I can conceive, I can achieve!”
  • Ensure Your Product Or Service is a Winner in the Market
    A simple fact of life; everybody is in competition with everybody else. This means unless you are better than your competition or at least equal to them you are in a dangerous position and you should probably get out of the business.
  • Grow Your Profits By Encouraging Your Customers to Increase Their Spending Each Time They Buy
    I always maintain that the quickest way to grow your business, is not by adding new customers, but by encouraging existing customers to buy more or buy more often. Here is an example of Street Smart thinking by one of North America’s great entrepreneurs.
  • How To Recession Proof Your Business
    With the USA in an economic recession, Canadians will feel the squeeze as well. You will need to market harder and wiser in order to stay on top.
  • How to Turn a Request for a Discount to Your Advantage
    When a prospect asks for a discount, what do you do? Many of us simply give it and accept a lower profit on the sale. This is fine if you have a clear reason for giving it. Perhaps you wanted to keep a competitor out, or you never intended to charge the full price you asked for, but what do you do if you don’t want to give the prospect a discount and do it simply because you fear losing the sale?
  • Insider Secrets on Big Ticket Selling
    Subscribe to Graham MacGregor’s “The Big Ticket Selling Report” and receive strategies and techniques that produce remarkable big ticket sales ideas to rapidly increase your big ticket sales.
  • The “7” Musts Of Marketing
    Marketing works if you do it consistently. It takes effort to do this but it’s definitely not a one time thing. There are 7 things that need to be in place for marketing to really produce results.
  • The Secret That Makes Millionaires
    What is the difference between you and a millionaire, not much more than a few simple skills that are easy to put into action.
  • What To Do When Your Competitors Cut Prices
    When asked do you feel threatened by price competition and eroding margins. With only a brief hesitation you can respond; “Whenever my competitors cut their prices, my team and I look at our business and ask; ‘How can we add more value?'”
  • Whether You Acknowledge It or Not, Your Business Buys Customers!
    Do you have plenty of clients and business but would like to upgrade your clients to ones who will spend more money and spend more frequently. If you get better at marketing than your competitors, then it becomes cheaper for you to acquire each customer than it does for your competitors and the more customers you get. What’s more you can become more selective in the type of customers you acquire.