As a Street Smart Marketer, you know there are giver companies and there are taker companies, just like there are people who are giver sand there are people who are takers

We are attracted to people and to companies who are givers, so it is a good idea to build this into the way you market.

Almost all of us give away small amounts during the steps that lead up to the sale. But I am suggesting that you give away things as part of your strategy. It is easier to get to hard to reach prospects this way. People are more likely to refer you if they know that you will give something away to the person they’re referring you to, and people feel the need for reciprocity when you give them something. This eventually makes them easier to sell to.

So, consider what you might be able to give away for free. Depending on the business you are in, you could give free initial consultations,free training, free samples, demonstrations, seminars and executive briefings. What under-utilized assets do you have that could be used to build better relationships rather than lying around being ignored and unused? In one of my businesses we had a large database of accumulated research results from hundreds of studies. We used to compare new survey results against the database, but did little else with it.

One day we analyzed the database, and identified some startling trends. We produced a report for customers and prospects and used the findings for numerous free activities including briefings, presentations and seminars. This tool probably was in some way responsible for creating more opportunities than almost any other marketing item we produced.

Right now, take out a piece of paper and write down what you can give away to build relationships with your prospects and clients.With existing clients a surprise bonus does wonders for your relationship,so don’t ignore this. Be generous, you will find a strong correlation between what you give and what you get.

As Jay Abraham, North America’s Grand Master of Marketing says;”The most self-serving thing you can do in business, is to give selflessly!”