In my last issue I talked about remembering that business prospects are people too and that they make purchases for emotional reasons. (#36 Is Business To Business Marketing Different Than Business to Consumer)

When marketing to business prospects, remember the following emotional appeals, and include them either in your sales pitches and in your copy.

  • A Fear of Failure: When using this appeal you can be direct and address the possibility that they may fail if they don’t take advantage of your services.

  • A Desire for Recognition: Here is an opportunity to focus on their dreams and desires for career success and how your service can help them achieve it.

  • A Desire for A Stress Free Existence. This is  simple and straight forward emotion to address when dealing with business people. Show how implementing what you recommend can help provide them with a stress free existence.

Remember to focus as much on the human side of your prospect as you do on the business side, and you will find it will pay off in spades.