When you run your own business, it is sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees. However we often look at other people’s businesses and know immediately what we would do if we were running their business.

How often have you said “If I were running Joe’s business, this is what I would do!”?

No matter how good a business person you are, sometimes things will not work out the way you expect. Sometimes the answers don’t appear to be that easy. So what are you to do?

Fire Yourself! Not literally but figuratively. Andy Grove and Gordon Moore of Intel did that when their company was struggling with direction and internal challenges. They asked the question; “What would a new CEO do if we were kicked out and he was brought in?”

They decided he would get them out of memories. So they decided to do it themselves. They switched from memories to microchips and Intel’s fortunes steadily improved from that time on.

If you are struggling with an issue, ask yourself what a new CEO would do, one without your baggage. I think you will find that the answer is often right there, staring you in the face.