There is a story that when Apple was developing its early products, Steve Jobs made sure he checked out the design of the packaging and the product himself before it ever went to customers. He felt that he needed to understand how a customer felt to receive and open what Apple was selling. Smart Marketers feel the same way about their customers and their business


Here are several simple things you can do to find out what it is like to be a customer of your organization.


  • Call your firm, speak to sales, speak to customer service, send an e-mail
  • Experience a sales presentation from one of your sales people
  • Open the packaging or if selling a service experience the service in its entirety.
  • Try out your product

As you experience your firms offering, make a note of everything you need to change and implement them immediately.


If you care about the experience and satisfaction of your customers, you have to know what they experience. Good marketing starts with an excellent product, not with a great story.