Want to send your sales sky-rocketing?

My experience working with small and medium businesses shows thatif you consistently do the following 5 things in your business,you can double your sales in under six months.

1. Figure out your uniqueness.
If you know why your clients buy from you, then you know how toposition yourself for new prospects. Scan your previous invoicesand discover:

Once you have these answers figuring out your value is simple.Your next set of questions includes:

Keep improving your answers and you’ll keep improving your sales.

2. Start by focussing inward
Most business owners are obsessed with making sales to new prospects,when making sales to existing clients is easier and cheaper. Theyknow you and like you, all you have to do is find a need. Thinkabout what else they buy:

These answers all represent opportunities to sell other thingsand to extend the buying potential of your clients. Maximize theseexisting relationships and you’ll grow far more rapidly than byfocussing on new prospects.

3. Reduce the risk.
Risk reduces trust and lack of trust kills sales. The bigger therisk, the slower the sales process. Reverse the risk by offeringa strong guarantee that takes the risk away from the prospect andyour sales will accelerate.

4. Be easy to buy from.
Don’t put barriers in your client’s way when they want to buy. Beeasy to reach, respond quickly, especially to e-mails but also tophone messages. Give your customers easy payment terms and aboveall listen.

5. Ask for referrals.
Referrals close at a 500% greater rate than all other leads. Askevery client and prospect for referrals to the type of client youare looking for. If they’ll sit with you and go through their database,you’ll be amazed at how many referrals you can get from a singlesitting. Using this simple process, one of my financial servicesclients regularly get 50 -100 new leads every time he works withthe right kind of prospect.

Knowing how to double your sales makes a huge difference just byknowing what to do and how to do it.