It is often said that writing and advertisement or a direct mail piece is nothing more than salesmanship in print or whatever medium you choose.

Here are 5 simple things to pay attention to.

1. Up front you need your prospects undivided attention – the only way you can do this is with a strong headline that speaks to their dreams, desires, frustrations, and fears. Your headline offers the reader a bribe, in the form of a strong benefit, in return for reading your advertisement.

2. Unless you can convince them to read your entire message you will produce poor results. Encourage readers to devour your whole message by showing them how you will bring value to their lives if they’ll just give you a few minutes. You must then deliver that value in your sales message.

3. Offer immediate proof of your claim before you get into your message. Testimonials are one of the most valuable but undervalued ways of convincing prospects that you can meet their needs and, fulfill their dreams and desires or remove their frustrations or fears.

4. Everyone wants a bargain. You have to show them how much value you bring. You must convince your prospects that what they spend with you is minimal compared to the benefits they’ll receive.

5. Make it easy to buy from you. Everyone is secretly asking to be lead, so tell your prospects exactly what action to take to buy from you and show them how easy it is to order.

Use these as a checklist for every piece of direct mail and for every advertisement. Do them consistently and above all do them compellingly and watch your response rates soar!