One of my readers sent me an e-mail complaining that the Business Pros Marketing articles are too long and that although she wants to read it, she has no time and so deletes more issues than she reads.


So here you go Janet;


1. With more than 11,000,000 websites out there, the chances of prospects stumbling on your site is so small that you can safely say it won’t happen. You have to find ways to market your site to lead them there.


2. Marketing is everything you do to create and keep customers. So if you want to survive you’d better learn to market. Referrals, networking and one on one sales won’t cut it if you are serious about growing a business.


3. Your customers and prospects don’t buy your products and services. They buy what they hope your products and services will do for them; promises, dreams, hopes and aspirations.


4. Your brand is the sum total of customer experiences with your business. It is not some logo, design, packaging or look.


5. First impressions count and most of the time your prospect’s first contact with your business is probably when you are not around.


6. Most customers leave not because of poor service, but because of perceived indifference from the people in your business.


7. Most sales literature isn’t read by people who need to be convinced of your value, it is read by people who already decided to buy but who need reassurance.


8. If you use print advertisements, 8 out of 10 people will only read your headline. If it doesn’t immediately grab them, you lose them.


9. As a marketing tool, e-mail is very efficient, but it is not very effective. On the other hand direct mail is very effective, but it is not very efficient. for this reason you should use both media to get maximum conversion of prospects.


10. Only 2% of small businesses have a marketing plan. The most successful marketers have plans.


Let me know if you prefer this type of content over my usual ramblings.