Do you know any marketing morons?


I recently received a brochure in the mail from a landscaper. It must be something to do with spring!  The cover of the black and white brochure, had a picture of a park like garden and the words:


“Welcome to my world!”


No wonder so many of these people are finding it difficult.


So why do I think he is deserving of my Marketing Moron Award? Here’s why!


What do I care about his world? What does anyone, but he and his immediate family care abut his world. What does anyone looking at his brochure care about?  Smart Marketers know that the only thing anyone cares about is “What’s in it for me?” or “What can he do for me?”


Although it was not an expensive brochure, it cost money to produce, and money to get into my hands. I suspect it was money our landscaper could ill afford. Yet the only thing  likely to happen to this brochure is that it will find its way into the garbage. There is nothing to grab my attention, there is nothing to interest me in reading further, there is nothing to entice me to open it. The headline doesn’t do it. The picture doesn’t do it.


The inside copy was all about him, his equipment and his qualifications, it had nothing about what his prospects would be interested in. It had no special offer, no call to action.


Furthermore it was produced on good quality paper which is expensive, but the image was poor and does not fit what the average Toronto home owner wants for a garden or can even afford for a garden. In short it was likely a wasted effort. I suspect that he would have got virtually zero response from this mailing.


If anyone asks him in future about his marketing, he is likely to respond; “I tried direct mail, it doesn’t work in my business!” The truth is that direct mail does work in his business, he just didn’t know how to execute. Many of us make similar mistakes with whatever marketing strategies we implement. When we do, do we blame our lack of skills or the strategy for being ineffective?


What would have happened if he had included a very friendly cover letter, introducing himself and outlining an attractive offer? What if the brochure had included a powerful headline that stimulated interest and encouraged interested prospects to read the brochure?


I have been using marketing mistakes as a valuable teaching tool in some of my seminars. I now want to use these kinds of silly mistakes to help you learn simple but powerful lessons from other peoples mistakes. Lessons that will save you money and make your marketing more effective.


I would like to receive examples from you and I would like to hear your opinions. So please send me anything you think might qualify.


“Lifelong learners succeed in business”


Michael Gerber, the author of The E-Myth Revisited, which I consider a must read for any business owner said;


Advertising vs.. Salesmanship


Advertising is salesmanship mass produced. No one would bother to use advertising if he could talk to all his prospects face to face. But he can’t.”


Morris Hite