I always have a hard time when it comes to locating data on my computer. I spend ages going through directories or waiting for search results. It is my fault because I keep almost everything and I am not a great filer. To make matters worse, I often have multiple places where I could have filed the item I am looking for.

I have made an amazing discovery on how to recover any document almost instantaneously. I no longer have to search and waste time finding what I need. You might think “Why not use the search function on the computer?” The truth is I do, but it takes time and doesn’t look at every file on the computer. For example it won’t find someone’s name in our database. In addition, it is not a quick enough process for me… I guess I am not very patient…

Google has come up with a great new tool and it’s free. Google Desktop Search. For me it is a life saver. I simply enter a word or a phrase that I am pretty sure is in the file, and almost instantly receive a list of possible files. It works just like an internet search, but is restricted to your desk top. 

I have found it an incredible productivity booster. Give it a try. You can always remove it if you don’t like it.

Google is really worth exploring; they have some great tools beyond being an internet search engine.